Scent Marketing Generating New Multiple Marketing Modes

Scent Marketing Generating New Multiple Marketing ModesOUWAVE


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Scent marketing, as one of popular marketing modes at present, is a marketing promotion by the olfactory senses of human body.

Nowadays, the application area of scent marketing in OUWAVE is extensive, such as shopping mall, automobile 4S shop, hotel, bank, jeweller, clothing store, commercial real estate, place of entertainment.

There are two modes to apply the scent marketing: one combines scent marketing and product, the other is that scent marketing combines with sales environment. From the enterprise perspective and the purpose basing on the two modes, scent marketing derives various modes. Here is five modes.


1. Improve Products’ Attraction

OUWAVE has made an marketing experiment to analyze how pleasant aroma matching up to product features affect customers' desire to purchase products. The result reflects that a scented shop environment promotes whole shop environment and products impression on customers compared to an odourless one and effectively increases the rate of repurchase.

In addition, for some stores with negative reputation, if distinctive aroma is filled in the store, customers' desire to purchase products will advance over 80%, and most of people will be willing to increase the base price of products about 10% to 15%.


2. Expand Sojourn Time of A Customer

OUWAVE found a scented shop environment would improve time when customers spend in a store and increase customers’ understand for in-store environment, products, and brand.

Meanwhile, a scented shop environment would give customers feelings of dependency. Using aroma to attract customers, clients can enjoy the distinctive scent and pleasant feeling, enhance satisfaction feeling and superiority feeling when they are shopping to increase customer loyalty.


3. Build up Brand Value

Olfactory sense is a way to affect human emotion. The basis of scent marketing is it affects human emotion and subconscious by fragrance.

When many industries are selling, they use some distinctive scent to guide customers’ subconscious, build up an olfactory sense and brand perception in subconsciousness of customers, and increase brand awareness and attention.


4. Enhance Advertising Promotion

Advertising is an important means for products and brand promotion. Many advertisements are placed by sellers to other medium. The key value of OUWAVE is put the scent marketing into advertisement improving attention and value of advertising itself.

Placing distinctive scent in advertising promotion and mixing olfactory element with vision and auditory sense gives customers a stereo sense feeling.


5. Harmony In-store Atmosphere

OUWAVE has researched and found that customers' desire to purchase products are affected by many factors, such as decoration, tone, music and products appearance, etc. If there is a harmonious scent in such an environment at the moment, it will improve considerably liking of customers and enhance business value of brand.


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